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I'm a parent who is doing it all: 
parenting, working, facilitating my child's education and human. 

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Parents Doing It ALL - Membership
Here's what's included in this ongoing membership program … so you can easily get started today:

Join me 5 days a week Live at 10am in our exclusive group!        

Each week will have a different focus:

Each Sunday you will receive an email with the topic for the week and any documents you will need.

Every Monday, we will meet for about 30 minutes to dive into the topic of the week.

Each Tuesday, we will meet to review any additional details of the topic that did not get covered on Monday. Small steps lead to big behavior changes. So we go slow to make it practical.

On Wednesdays there will be a live Question and Answer, sometimes your questions will be about the topic of the week and sometimes it will be about something else important. I will answer them all.

As for Thursday, we keep the conversation going, stay focused and build the encouragement to get through the week.

Every Friday, we will celebrate! Share your action steps of the week and successes that you experienced. Recognizing the small steps is powerful and sharing it is when you will be able to see how amazing you are!

Then next week, we do it all over again with a new topic. I am not committing to a specific list of topics on specific weeks because life keeps changing! So, I have a plan and commit to being flexible to meet the needs of you, the other group members and the world each week.

Set aside 10-30 minutes a day to engage in with me and the group! Bring your kids along and have them watch along side you.

We meet in a private Facebook Group - no one will can see the content unless you are a member of the group. Don't have Facebook - no problem - I share a zoom link every week as well.

Here’s What Parents Are Saying…

"The Parents Doing It All Group has provided wonderful snippets of reminders that I can manage work, my son's schooling, volunteering, and keep myself together! It isn't always the easiest but this group provides daily reminders that YES I CAN!!"

~ Mary Ann - Mom and Parents Doing It ALL Member

"Whether we work on the day-to-day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."

~ Karen, Mom

"Dr. Marcie is better than coffee on a Monday Morning"

~ Lori, mom

Your Investment: $49 a month!
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